A playful way to leave the inner circle

Learn to navigate the toolbox

Below, you will find two playful tools to help robot makers become less normative in their approach to technology development.

In the Awareness-Raising Toolbox, we present a number of highlighted issues from the research findings presented in the publication Perspectives on Robots. These findings have been reworked into interactive elements for learning about specific concerns in ethical and responsible robot design and development, such as:

  • how hand-size matters,
  • how knowledge is situated, and
  • how to understand new product development in an uncertain world.

Furthermore, we present REELER’s main finding, that robot developers need stakeholder involvement. To that end, we have created the board game BuildBot, which has been played throughout the REELER project with people involved in real robot developments. 

Two roads toward a new mindset

Awareness-Raising Toolbox

On-line Toolbox where designers and robot developers can find awareness-raising playful tools for avoiding the pitfalls of normativity in robot design.


BuildBot is a game that allow players to reflect on responsible robotics by selecting design features that fulfill needs expressed by different stakeholders.​
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